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Bakery Display Cases


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Coldcore Inc. offers high-quality, American-made bakery display cases for your company. Whether you're selling crumb cake, pastry, rich butter cream cakes or cheesecake made from scratch, we have both refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases for your goods.

When considering what equipment is needed for your store, display cases are one of the most important items a store owner can buy. Presentation is everything and top-quality displays consistently drive sales at the register.

Let our display cases highlight your gourmet baked goods the proper way and at a LOW price! LED lighting on each level, along with crystal-clear front glass will allow your customers to view your cakes with ease. These units offer no obstruction to viewing every level of delicious product you offer!
We offer a wide range of display cases for all your bakery needs. For goods that need to be kept cold, we recommend an entry from our vast refrigerated collection. These cases can hold your cakes, pastries and baked goods at an optimal 37 to 41 degrees! It is important to note that a refrigerated display should not be used to maintain temperatures and humidity levels for high-end gourmet chocolates.

We also offer non-refrigerated units, matching corner displays, register counters and customer bakery counters, making Coldcore Inc. a one-stop shop for your entire retail bakery concept.


We can also assist you in your store planning phase with CAD drawings and floor plans to help keep your bakery start-up costs to a minimum.

In the store planning process, our professionals will take an active interest in helping you succeed by assisting in the proper placement of your display cases, cabinetry and cabinet accessories. Well-placed cases along with acrylic candy bins or countertop displays can and will increase your profits.

Our cases can be used in many different retail food applications. Some of our customers have used them for pastries, delicatessen, prepared food and more. If you are unsure as to which type of case best suits your business, please feel free to contact us today. We have designs to meet every retail need. Also be sure to view our selection of candy display cases and ice cream display freezers. We are always eager to help steer our clients in the right direction.